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Anonymous (ナナシ, Nanashi) is one of the kaiju in SSSS.GRIDMAN. It is the seventh and final kaiju created by Akane due to both Alexis' demands and to destroy their opposition once and for all.


Nanashi is a bizzare monster in appearance and behavior, resembling a poorly made stocky costume themed after a reptilian kaiju. It has yellow, pink, and pale orange coloration with green and pink patches along with its underbelly. It has stocky legs ends with 3-digit toes and similarly stocky arms with 4-digit claws. It has a large cone-shape appendage where its head should've been, though it does has a round head with red eyes and mouth full of sharp teeth growing from the said appendage. The speckled pattern underneath the chin represents the cut-outs which the actor would see and breathe through.

After blasted with Full-Powered Gridman form's Breast Spark, Nanashi molts into its true form; a red, blue, and light brown humanoid kaiju with head and torso fused into giant spike-like form. It has arms and legs resemble that of human's, and a jagged maw across the front which exposes its single red eye.


This kaiju's bizzare behavior and appearance was the result of being filled by the feel of malice and depression from its creator Akane. In its early form, the creature seemingly lacked any defensive or offensive capabilities, though its revived version in Episode 11 displayed actual combat ability in form of projecting purplish white lightning blasts. The said ability however, likely due to slight improvement done by Alexis.

However, upon molting into its second form, Nanashi unveils its true deadly capacities; It displayed the ability to behead enemies simply by running the sharp point of its body towards them, enhanced agility, strength, and unpredictability. A testament of its unpredictable nature was displayed through evading Full-Powered Gridman's assaults with swift and bizzare movements before tearing his armor apart and overwhelmed him. It also displayed the ability to project energy blast from its eyes strong enough to damage Full-Powered Gridman and Anti's kaiju form's armor. Even so, the kaiju is still far from invincible due to it quickly decimated by Anti who evolved his kaiju form into Gridknight.