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Anosillus (アノシラス, Anoshirasu) is a Kaiju in Gridman the Hyper Agent.

In Superhuman Samurai Syber-Squad, it was named Manfu.


Gridman the Hyper Agent

The kaiju Bagilla, created by Takeshi Todo and brought to life by Khan Digifer, arrived in Computer World within an electric piano. As it began to wreak destruction, the kaiju Anosillus appeared and destroyed Bagilla. Anosillus then used fixer beam to repair the damage.

Takeshi analyzed the kaiju, discovering that it was an electronic animal inhabiting Computer World. It works within the sound spirit, doing something within the electronics, converting noise into music. This led Takeshi to come up with a brilliant idea. He transmittted a song over to the electric piano at the store, targeting the kaiju. Anosillus absorbed the music, and was himself converted into an evil kaiju under the control of Takeshi. The keyboard began to send out death music.

Detecting the kaiju's actions, Gridman sprang into action and manifested within the electric piano and engaged Anosillus in battle. All the while, the death music spread throughout Computer World, and emerged from other speakers and musical instruments, forming a dark cloud of noise over the city of Sakuragaoka. Gridman launched Barrier Shield, and drew his great sword Plasma Blade, and prepared to slice up Anosillus. Just then, a girl ran out, within Computer World. She was named Unison, a sound spirit which worked with Anosillius, watching the heart of any musician playing that piano. She explained what was going on, and begged Gridman not to hurt Anosillus. She played a healing song, which sounded suspiciously like the show's opening theme, "Yume no Hero", but before it freed Anosillus, Takeshi sent a counterattack song to enforce his control over the kaiju, and it overpowered Unison's song. Anosillus carried on the battle with Gridman, who wouldn't fight back anymore.

Not a moment too soon, Gridman's teammates, using their computer Junk, sent a more powerful edition of the healing song, with more bass. With this, Anosillus was freed through the healing power of bass. The kaiju then used its fixer beam to again repair the keyboard. The death music ceased to ravage the city. As a bonus gift, Unison and Anosillus applied an upgrade to Barrier Shield, turning it into Gridman Sword!


Kaiju Girl's family

The Kaiju Girl known as Anosillus II talks about her predecessor (perhaps ancestor) owing a debt to Gridman, which undoubtedly refers to this Anosillus. Just before the end credits of the last episode, she says that her family pays her debts, followed by a cameo shot of Anosillus I.


  • Sonic Blast - It fires this out of its horns. This is how it took out Bagilla.
  • Fixer Beam - This is the same thing as used by Gridman at the end of every episode to repair Computer World.


  • The creature suit would be used again for Imitation Anosillus in Episode 17.