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Kaiju Girl Anosillus the 2nd (怪獣少女アノシラス(2代目), Kaijū Shōjo Anoshirasu (Ni-daime)), simply known as The 2nd, is a character in SSSS.GRIDMAN. She is an independent kaiju and an acquaintance of Yuta Hibiki and Gridman as well as successor/progeny of Anosillus.


She is a very short girl with a pair of braids shaped after Anosillus's horns. Anosillus the 2nd's human/Repli-Compoid form has dark skin, dark green hair, and red eyes. She wears black shorts, brown crocs, dark brown fingerless gloves and a dark green double-layered hoodie with light green patches worn over a yellowish shirt that bears a pinkish clef note like Unizon's. She also carries a large blue bag full of coins.

As of SSSS.DYNAZENON, she is a young adult with well-developed body. Her appearance is notably cleaner, as in addition of a suit, oval glasses, white shoes, identity card, and pink heart-shaped earrings. Her skin tone is lighter and she tied her hair into a bun.


Anosillus is shown to have a mildly sadistic streak. She is somewhat socially awkward, and doesn't seem to know or care much about human social norms. Even so, she apparently a good person at heart, as she warned Yuta about the truth behind Kaiju attacks and a malevolent presence that manipulated Akane from behind the scenes. She says that she helped Yuta because her predecessor had a life debt with both Yuta and Gridman.

In spite of being awkward when it comes to human social norms, Anosillus possesses just enough social ability to blend into human community to avoid troubles as well as convincing Yuta that she's a trustworthy ally (though arguably not so much for Max). She also resourceful and intelligent, having collected a sum of coins for buying some food for both herself and others.


  • Size Change: Anosillus is able to enlarge herself as demonstrated in order to impress Yuta in their first meeting.
  • Fixer Beam: Like her predecessor's purifying melody in Gridman the Hyper Agent, she can release the Fixer Beam with her baton through a cartridge.


  • Baton: In emergencies, The 2nd uses her baton to release Fixer Beams from cartridges by twirling it.


  • Like the majority of characters in SSSS.GRIDMAN, some elements of Anosillus's appearance are drawn from a Transformers series character. In her case, the color pattern of her t-shirts and hoodie mirrroring that of Wreck-Gar's body.
  • Anosillus's statement that her predecessor owed Yuta and Gridman, coupled with "the 2nd" designation on her name in the Japanese credits, suggests that not only is SSSS.GRIDMAN a sequel to Gridman the Hyper Agent, but also that she is in fact, the progeny of that series' kaiju Anosillus who lives in the Computer World inside an electric piano. In Episode 6, Melody of Terror, the kaiju was taken control of by Takeshi Todo when he used a music composition to reprogram the kaiju's mind.

Denkou Choujin Gridman Episode 6

  • Anosillus II wears the same shirt design as Unison, who is presumably a sound spirit, and companion of Anosillus I in Denkou Choujin Gridman Episode 6. As Gridman began to battle the mind-controlled Anosillus, Unison appeared and explained what's going on, and begged Gridman not to hurt Anosillus. Anosillus was freed by Yuka Inoue when she used an electric piano to play the song "Yume no Hero", the opening theme for that show, and transmitted it to Anosillus. In SSSS.GRIDMAN Episode 6, Anosillus II used the piano version of the same song to awaken Yuta after he fell asleep during the train ride leaving the city.