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Anti (アンチ, Anchi) is one of the antagonists who appears in SSSS.GRIDMAN.[1] He is a Kaiju, created by Akane, who could assume a human/repli-compoid disguise. Driven by his obsession to outperform his designated rival, Anti evolved into a Gridman-like form dubbed Gridknight (グリッドナイト, Guriddo Naito) through his copy ability.

In SSSS.DYNAZENON, Anti, going by the name Knight (ナイト, Naito), reappeared alongside Anosillus the 2nd to protect that world from Kaiju.


Human Form

Anti's human/repli-compoid form appears as a young man with short gray hair and red eyes. His attire consists of a blue jacket with symmetrical purple flame patterns on it. He wears a long scarf which varies color from a lighter gray where it is around his neck to darker gray to black at the ends, where it's more wispy, with parts of it actually separated from the rest of the scarf. He has blue pants and white shoes. After his defection from Akane, and Alexis Kerib's assault for his defiance, Anti gets bandages and a gauze to cover up his injured eye.

Before being bathed by Rikka Takarada, she noted that he stinks, perhaps due to not cleaning himself and scavenging through garbage to acquire food.

After having his wounds treated by Anosillus and its successor/progeny, his originally injured right eye has been healed albeit turned blue.

Now as a teenage adult in SSSS.DYNAZENON, Knight wears a suit in close relation with Neon Genesis Junior High Students', mostly after Samurai Calibur whom he interacted with the most. In comparison, his suit consists of the same blue theme as his jack with his purple wisp pattern on the left lapel with a sword handing from its back.

Kaiju Form

In his kaiju form, Anti assumes a form of a slightly hunched, humanoid monster clad in a purple, white, and black biomechanical exoskeleton. His crested helmet is adorned with a red crystalline visor with a pattern resembling jagged teeth that flickers whenever he talks, a blue orb on the forehead that flashes when he is about to reach his time limit, and tusks on the side of his head. The exoskeleton also sports several gill-like patterns on the shoulder pads along with numerous yellow appendages (six on the breastplate, three on the shoulder pads, and one on each front pieces of the tassets), two clawed toes on the legs, and arm gauntlets from which he unsheathes his wrist claws.

Anti's kaiju form underwent numerous changes to adapt and develop his own versions of Gridman's powers. Notably when copying Borr's missiles, the abdomen of his armor opens into a large maw with organic teeth-like missiles and his hands become yellow. When copying Sky Vittor's abilities, his legs become bulky, conical-shaped organic thrusters and his hands become cyan.


Anti's new form upon evolving into a hyper agent like his rival Gridman. Appearance-wise, he greatly resembles Gridman's Primal Fighter form, albeit with color scheme and helmet based on his original kaiju form. Whereas neon glow of Gridman's Primal Fighter form shines in cyan/light blue, Anti's neon glow is yellow.


Anti was an aggressive and driven kaiju, created by Akane for the sole purpose of defeating Gridman. He would not hesitate to attack a fellow kaiju if they stood between him and Gridman. Being that this is his only programmed desire, Anti was not endowed with polite human behavior and thus ended up being gluttonous to food without observing table manners. Thus he was a very messy eater like an animal, eating without the use of utensils and leaving lots of food scraps everywhere.

He was socially quiet and rarely interacted with others, except Akane with whom he remained loyal, despite her callous and abusive response to his presence. But Anti was focused instinctively towards his purpose, and thus refused to murder people to fulfill Akane's petty grudges.

Over time, with his repeated battles with Gridman, and Akane's increasing dislike of him, Anti began to question his role and purpose. After finally being rejected by Akane, Anti left her to find his own path in life. Hearkening to Calibur and Akane's words, he realized himself to be more than just another kaiju born of Akane's malice. This prompted his evolution into Gridknight.

In his later years, the experienced Anti appears to be much calmer and mature somewhat, though comes off as rather standoffish and abrasive. This gives him a bad impression in front of equally abrasive Gauma when they properly meet. Although their relationship later improved after they fight as a team later on, Anti still retains some of his misgivings towarda the leader of Dynazenon pilot, warning him not to touch Anosillus the 2nd when he rather awkwardly attempts to be more friendlier towards them.


Anti is the first of Akane's kaiju that possessed two forms: Human form (arguably the default), and Kaiju form, which became his evolved Gridknight form. Each form displayed different abilities:

While naturally born as a kaiju created to follow at Akane's orders, Anti was born with a human form. In battle, upon defeat or exhaustion, he will be forced back into this form.

  • Transformation: Being naturally a monster created by Akane, Anti can switch into human form when not in combat. This allows her to initiate monster attacks without help from Alexis. However Anti can only transform to his kaiju form when Gridman appears or if he is given an order to do so by Akane.
    • Gridknight Transformation: After becoming Gridknight, Anti is capable to transform on his own free will.
  • Buzzsaw: In his human form, Anti wields a hand-held buzzsaw blade weapon, which is concealed in his left sleeve, to combat his enemies.
  • Superhuman Physiology: Even while in human disguise, Anti has incredible strength and can jump extraordinarily high and far. He even shown capable of combating Samurai Calibur to standstill.

Anti's original/true form is a kaiju with dark blue, black, and white exoskeleton created with a quirk in form of ability to copy his foes' powers. However, instead of outright imitate them, Anti developed his own version of his enemies' abilities.

  • Copy Ability: As stated by Akane, Anti has a special quirk to adapt and develop his version of his opponent's powers in an instant.
    • Wrist Claws: Anti developed a pair of retractable wrist blades that share similar properties with the hyper agent's Gridman Calibur, enable him to counteract the Assist Weapon.
    • Buster Anti: Teeth Missiles: Anti develop a jaw-like hatch located between the chest and abdomen area of his exoskeleton that has multiple yellow teeth-like organic missile that can be fired on enemies. This ability was developed from imitating Borr's missiles and whenever he uses this, his hands turned yellow.
    • Sky Anti: Leg Thrusters: Anti can transform his legs into large, organic thrusters to fly at high speeds. He developed this ability from mimicking Sky Vitter as well as its combination Sky Gridman. When using this ability, his hands become cyan.
      • Bio-Flares: In addition if flight, Anti can project multiple flares to confuse his pursuers.
  • Energy Bullets: With spherical yellow organs on his kaiju form, Anti can project a barrage of purple energy bullets to overwhelm his foes at will.
    • Energy Beam: The yellow organs of his kaiju form can project red lasers that combine and charge into a large, destructive purple beam which firepower equal to that of Gridman's Max Grid Beam.
  • Forehead Beam: In addition of being a mechanism to warn him about his time limit, the crystal on the forehead of his kaiju form can project an energy beam which firepower slightly more powerful than his individual energy bullet.
  • Enhanced Physiology: Anti's speed and physical strength greatly increased in his kaiju form that not only he can run very fast to disorient his foes, but also possessed a considerable brute force to lift and throw a kaiju around his size on ease as well as matching Gridman's Max Gridman combination in terms of physical strength.

Mimicked after Gridman's appearance through his desire to fight alongside the Hyper Agent, Gridknight maintains Anti's power and speed from his kaiju form. Due to this, he is capable of arming himself with an Assist Weapon in the same vein as Gridman.

  • Enhanced Physiology: Anti retains his kaiju form's physical attributes including his strength and speed. He also much more agile as Gridknight.
  • Gridknight Circular: Based of his buzzsaw weapon, Gridknight forms a circle of purple energy which is then thrown at his enemy, bifurcating them or also used as a melee weapon.
    • Knight Circular End:
  • Gridknight Storm (グリッドナイトストーム, Guriddo Naito Sutōmu): Anti's variation of the Grid Beam, fired from the right arm instead of the left. It shares the same firepower to Grid Beam.
  • Knight Light Wave Missile: Anti can project a purple energy bolt from the crystal on his chest.
  • Gridknight Calibur: A giant katana that was transformed from the Gridman Calibur (with his Axe Blade ejected and turned red).
    • Knight Calibur End: While using the Gridknight Calibur, he moves towards his enemy via the thrusters on his back, and slashes with his sword in a reverse grip.
  • Dynamic Cannon: Dynasoldier's new cannon form after it resonated for suitable adaptation.
    • Dynamic Fire:

Grid Burn Knight (SSSS-D Ep12).jpg
Grid Burn Knight (グリッドバーンナイト, Guriddo Bān Naito) is Gridknight's aerial combination form with Goldburn improving Gridknight's flight abilities.

  • Speed and Flight: With Goldburn acting as winged jetpack, Grid Burn Knight can fly at supersonic speed, able to easily evade multiple projectiles on ease while closing in upon foes.
  • Blazing Hot Inferno: Burning Grid Rex Roar (必勝灼烈大火炎 バーニンググリッドレックスロアー, Hisshō Shakuretsu Daikaen Bāningu Guriddo Rekkusu Roā): A combination attack and powerful version Dynarex's Rex Roar, performed in conjunction with Gridknight's Gridknight Storm.

Kaiser Gridknight.png
Super Dragon King Kaiser Gridknight (超合体龍王カイゼルグリッドナイト, Chou Gattai Ryuuou Kaizeru Guriddonaito), or simply Kaiser Gridknight, is the ultimate combination from the union of Gridknight, Dynazenon, and Goldburn.

Kaiser Gridknight is a combination where Dynazenon components and Goldburn assembles about Gridknight in an enormous robotic suit of armor comprised of mechanical arms formed by both halves of Dynastriker; crested breastplate, helmet, and caped wings formed by Goldburn and Dynawing; rocket greaves by Dynadiver; and shoulder cannon (Dynamic Cannon) by Dynasoldier. Much like its equivalent Full Powered Gridman, this combination requires equal mass proportions to work, an issue solved by Goldburn's Size-Changing Beam ability.

  • Speed and Flight: Kaiser Gridknight can fly and boost itself with thrusters on its back and legs for extra agility or increasing the output of its melee blows like Dynazenon albeit at greater scale.
  • Kaiser Knight Double Storm (カイゼルナイトダブルストーム, Kaizeru Naito Daburu Sutōmu): Twin energy beams fired from both Dynasabers. Its firepower equals that of Gridknight's Gridknight Storm or Gridman's Grid Beam.
  • Kaiser Knight Circular (カイゼルナイトサーキュラ, Kaizeru Naito Sākyura): Kaiser Gridman uses one of Dynazenon's Dynasaber to produce a more powerful version of the Gridknight Circular with more output and expandable range.
  • Dynamic Cannon (ダイナミックキャノン, Dainamikku Kyanon):
    • Rex Grid Fire (レックスグリッドファイヤー, Rekkusu Guriddo Faiyā): Kaiser Gridknight's finisher move where after charging, the Dynamic Cannon fires a powerful, fiery purple energy beam. Its firepower is superior than Dynamic Fire which already devastating.


  • The purple patterns on his jacket reference the designs on Shattered Glass Rodimus.
  • Anti is loosely based on Shinobilar from Denkou Choujin Gridman (known as Skorn in Superhuman Samurai Syber-Squad) in many aspects: Both shares similar appearance, created with auto-intelligence, and able to think independently from other Kaiju. Unlike Shinobilar however, Anti was created with a default human form and outlives the original by one episode without the need of revival.
    • In lesser extent, Anti also based on Khan Knight (an unused concept of the original series that features Takeshi Todo's initial alter-ego to fight against Gridman before joining forces to fight against Khan Digifier) as both share same ability to replicate Gridman's fighting prowess.
  • He becomes the first kaiju to reform from villain to hero in the franchise, unlike Takeshi Todo where he reforms in the series finale.
  • Grid Burn Knight parallels Sky Goldran from The Golden Brave Goldran, in which Goldburn parallels Sorakage as just the flight pack attachment.