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TokusatsuKami TokusatsuKami 1 June

Wiki Policy

I created some policies for this wiki based on some of the my hero academia wiki's set of policies. Would be a good idea to familiarize them.

  • Gridman Wiki:Overview: Just an overview list of the existing policy.
  • Gridman Wiki:Manual of Style: Guide for editing and creating articles. Has layouts the certain pages need to have.
  • Gridman Wiki:Image Policy: Information on images that are acceptable or unacceptable and a naming policy on how to name image files.
  • Gridman Wiki:Blocking Policy: Rules for vandalism.


  • Gridman Wiki:Administrators: Details what content mods, admins, and bureaucrats are and what they can and shouldn't do.
  • Gridman Wiki:Requesting of User Rights: This won't be used at the moment as we're a pretty small wiki, but this is here user…
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Black Soulstone Black Soulstone 21 October 2018

Atsuko Kagari's Lookalike

One of Studio Trigger animes I looked forward aside possible Season 2 of Little Witch Academia is SSSS.Gridman. I initially believed it to be an easter egg from Little Witch Academia, but it seemed to be more than that: One of Yuta's classmates looked exactly like Akko, main protagonist of Little Witch Academia anime. Too bad that in the end, much of information about this character never revealed and only served as an easter egg.

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