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Bullbind (ブルバイン, Burubain) is one of the kaiju in SSSS.DYNAZENON deployed by Kaiju Eugenicists.


Bullbind is a quadrupedal red and grey mechanical beast with dragon/gryphon-like characteristics, golden parts on its legs, hooves, head, and hip, draconic head with black nose, drill side horns, bird-like wings on the shoulder, and medium-length tail with grey vaguely gear-like pieces with round green teeth on it. It also sports wire-like brown tassels with grey points from which it generates destructive electrical gravity blasts.


Unlike Shalbandes before it, Bullbind possesses superior gravity power it can use to crush things with instead of making them lose their weight. It can also fight by projecting purple electrical gravity blasts that can destroy things in massive explosions and use its drill side horns to damage enemies at close range. Because of its great power, it requires two Kaiju Eugenicists to control it at the same time.