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Computer World (コンピュ・ワールド, Konpyūta Wārudo) is a simulated reality that exists in the stories of the Gridman franchise. It is a parallel universe created by means of a simulated reality within computer systems.[1][2]

As well as having a pathway to the real world, Computer World is connected with Hyper World (ハイパー・ワールド, Haipā Wārudo), the home dimension of Gridman himself. Other than Gridman, several beings travel from Hyper World to Computer World, including Khan Digifer, and the four Neon Genesis Junior High Students (NGJHS). Gridman and each member of the NGJHS are Hyper Agents who came from Hyper World in order to fight threats to Computer World. In Gridman the Hyper Agent, the threat is Khan Digifer, who came from Hyper World. In SSSS.GRIDMAN, the threat is Alexis・Kerib, who apparently doesn’t come from Hyper World, but is from another unspecified parallel dimension.


Note Computer World in the sky as well as below

In Gridman the Hyper Agent, Computer World resembles a city core, made of buildings that are highlighted on the edges with a green glowing border. The sky is also filled with buildings having the green highlights. Rather than buildings full of people, they have some relation to the components of the computer or electronic device in which that particular section of Computer World is being hosted. Changing the form of the buildings, or destroying them by with a rampaging kaiju will affect how the device operates in the real world.


In SSSS.GRIDMAN, Computer World proved to be vast enough for constructing a virtual reality within such as a simulated city (ex. Akane's Tsutsudjidai). Though the simulated city is indistinguishable from normal ones in real world it modeled after, the sky retains its Computer World's highlighting. Destroying a building, or opening a door to go beyond the boundaries of the virtual world will reveal the black and green highlighted substrate which is the basic nature of Computer World. Similarly, when the kaiju are damaged, they reveal the same elemental appearance of Computer World.


Tsutsudjidai is revealed to be within Computer World in SSSS.Gridman

Tsutsudjidai is the simulated city located in Computer World created by Akane Shinjo with help of Alexis・Kerib and her own Venoras, and is the main setting of SSSS.GRIDMAN. She did this as a means of escapism from her real life problems. The progress of its construction was not unnoticed by Anosillus the 2nd, the successor/daughter of original natural kaiju of the same name who then observed their movement for quite some time before eventually reporting what she had learned to Gridman through his current host and partner Yuta Hibiki.

The simulated city is inhabited by human-like programs called Repli-Compoids (レプリコンポイド, Repurikonpoido) designed after their real world counterparts and made them believe such in addition of unconditionally like Akane. As her subjects, they cannot see her Venoras and will have memories pertaining kaiju attacks reset on the next day to keep them from learning the truth. Any Repli-Compoids that killed by aforementioned attacks will have their history rewritten to have died years before via. her Venoras' memory gas and Virtual Warping ability. Akane also created a Repli-Compoid avatar in form of a beautiful and voluptuous girl (a far cry to her real-self that resembled Rikka albeit not as beautiful as the latter) to interact within. Anti is created with a default Repli-Compoid form while not in his kaiju form and later, Gridknight form. Neon Genesis Junior High Students are four Repli-Compoids spawned from their respective Gridman fragments and therefore technically Hyper Agents as much as Gridman himself.

The only way for them to be free from her control is having their programming altered through contact with Hyper Agents such as Gridman or at least his Repli-Compoid spawns Neon Genesis Junior High Students.


Knight and The 2nd to entered the real world from Computer World due to the appearance of kaiju weakening the barrier between the worlds. Three months after the final battle with the Kaiju Eugenicists, The Gridknight Alliance returned to Computer World with Dynarex and Goldburn. Dynarex, now healed, awakened in the Computer world.

Relationship to the Real World

It is possible for people to cross over from Human World into Computer World by means of a being from Hyper World opening a portal, which they call passroute, into which the human is taken. This is what happens when in DCG, Naoto disappears into the computer screen, and materializes within Computer World as Gridman. In The Acceptor's Secret, Khan Digifer creates a portal which would allow beings from Computer World to pass out to Human World. 

Computer World also has some kind of method to connect to the spirit world, allowing Kami to venture as beings within Computer World.  This is shown in Melody of Terror, in which the sound spirit which dwells within an electronic keyboard manifests.