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Dévadadan (デバダダン, Debadadan) is a kaiju in SSSS.GRIDMAN. It is the second kaiju created by Akane, which she sent to kill her homeroom teacher.



Whille possessing strength that comes with being a kaiju, Dévadadan possesses the ability to fire a destructive laser beam from retractable spike-like organs on its chest. As it is also partly designed to combat Gridman, Dévadadan also has the ability to absorb and redirect energy attacks. Even so, it is susceptible to physical attacks, as Gridman managed to destroy it with help of Gridman Calibur.


Disgruntled that her homeroom teacher bumped into her at school and did not apologize due to being too distracted by his smartphone, Akane sculpted Devadadan and had Alexis turn it into a real kaiju. She then sent it to kill the teacher. Learning from the battle with Ghoulghilas before it, Akane gave it a special ability to redirect energy attack in case Gridman interfered with its rampage. As it was wreaking havoc, she deployed a drone to directly watch its progress. The kaiju found its designated target and blasted him with its energy beam. It missed, but caused massive collateral damage, which Akane was indifferent to.

As Akane predicted, Gridman, in his true optimized form, appeared and saved her homeroom teacher. Devadadan soon made use of its special power with great effect, reflecting Gridman's Grid Beam back to the Hyper Agent. The kaiju then overpowered him with another blast. Samurai・Calibur, in his Assist Weapon form, entered the battle and deflected the next blast at the last moment. With that, Gridman finished the monster with Grid Calibur End Finisher, much to Akane's dismay.

The incident had a positive effect on Akane's homeroom teacher, who bumped into Yuta the next day, and this time apologized.