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Diriver (ヂリバー, Djiribā) is a kaiju in SSSS.GRIDMAN.


Diriver is a humanoid kaiju that primarily silver in color, with what appeared to be black armor plates on the hip and shoulder. The entirety of its hands and feet are black, and its head is adorned with horned crest that extends to the cheek and chin. Other than a pair of red glowing eyes, it lacks any facial features.

Diriver's commands a remote puppet, which is a lance-styled UFO comprised of an energy core surrounded by 5 lances: The largest lance acts as the head with the rest acting as sort of wing/thruster for the puppet to move around.


Diriver is a puppeteer kaiju, utilizing a giant puppet resembling a lance-styled UFO to attack its opponent. The puppet is controlled with use of thin strings emanating from the tip of the claws on both hands and feet. It attacks by charging at the opponent with the main lance pointed forward. The lance puppet can regenerate from severe damage, even after being reduced into its disembodied core, making it indestructible. In addition to controlling the puppet, Diriver can fly and levitate on the air, so that it is hiding among the clouds while using its puppet to attack its foes. It can also use its claws for melee combat should it be exposed and its enemies get too close.


After Hibiki refused to turn into Gridman, Anti went to Akane's home, where he contacted Alexis Kerib to create a kaiju for him. Thus Diriver was brought to life. The kaiju's puppet appeared over the city, sent by Anti to draw Gridman out. This was much to Akane's dismay as she, Yuta, and Alexis had just started having dinner together. Returning to her room, Akane contacted Alexis through her computer, and demanded an explanation. Alexis said that he brought Anti's kaiju to life, only to be interrupted by the frustrated Akane who kicked the computer monitor. As this happened, the fight between the puppet and Gridman became a stalemate. Sky Vittor entered the battle in hopes of turning the tide of the fight. They combined into Sky Gridman configuration.

Sky Gridman and the puppet brought their fight to the sky, whereupon Gridman sensed something wrong with their opponent. This prompted him to fly higher, where he released Lucky Smoke Screen, hoping that the produced smokescreen's EMP nature would disrupt the puppet so that it could not regenerate upon being destroyed. When he was about to blast it with another Grid Beam, he discovered strings around the puppet. Sky Gridman flew upwards and found Diriver pulling the strings, and Anti, who transformed into his kaiju form and copied Sky Vittor's abilities, giving his form a pair of organic thrusters. However, as the actual battle was about to begin, Sky Gridman saw the grid city of Computer World floating above the sky. This greatly surprised the others who saw the whole thing through the Junk computer. This distracted Sky Gridman long enough for Diriver and Anti to overwhelm the Hyper Agent, but only temporarily as Sky Gridman soon grabbed Diriver. Sky Vitter disengaged from Gridman and defeating Anti with Laser Circus Amp. Gridman soon decimated Diriver with use of Gridknight Saber Slash.