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There are 3 important things in this world people must keep: Promises, Love, and...

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Gauma (ガウマ, Gauma) is one of the main protagonists of SSSS.DYNAZENON. As with Kaiju Eugenicists whom he used to affiliate with, he is a "Kaiju User" from five thousand years ago entrusted with Dynazenon by the princess of an ancient Chinese kingdom his fellow Kaiju Eugenicists were affiliated with. His undying loyalty towards the woman he loved turned him against his former comrades when both Kaiju Eugenicists and the kingdom they served betrayed one another, a conflict that resumed in the modern day.


Undead Form

As a desiccated corpse that briefly revived by Mecha Bagira through hacking the computers hooked into his body, Gauma was barely recognizable. His attire consists of a shirt and pants along with a brooch with multiple dragon emblems on it and bandages covering his face not unlike Egyptian mummy, all of which tattered by age but nonetheless well-preserved as with his body. He would later ditch said outfit shortly after his second revival via. what had left of power of Kaiju he possessed, but kept one of dragon emblems in his person within his pouch.

Human Form

Gauma's original appearance, which he regained upon his second revival, is a young man about Koyomi's age with shaggy salmon hair, black rings around his emerald eyes, and a vaguely s-shaped scar that run across his left cheek. Gauma is also lean and fairly tall.

As of present day, his attire consists of an opened up navy blue jacket like long sleeved shirt which has yellow and light blue patterns on the sleeves, yellow bandages over his chest and arm, navy blue pants secured with a black belt with salmon chains and bucklers, and yellow shoes. Said bandages are later revealed to conceal dark-colored patches on his back which are actually deteriorating body cells that later spread throughout his body as he about to reach the end of his second life.


Despite seemingly as loud and aggressive as his appearance suggests, Gauma is much socially awkward yet kinder and considerate than he lets on. He was quick to consider Yomogi to be a good friend and even stands up for him when Yume broke her promise with the latter despite their feelings initially not mutual.


  • Enhanced Strength (temporarily): While under Mecha Bagira's influence, Gauma's strength was increased to superhuman level despite his undead husk's condition. He eventually lose this power after the destruction of said Takeshi and Khan Digifer's Kaiju.
  • Instance Domination (インスタンス・ドミネーション, Insutansu dominēshon): Gauma was originally able to control a Kaiju as a Kaiju Eugenicist by splaying his fingers at the targeted Kaiju. However, after severing his connection with Kaiju, he lost this ability.
  • Skilled Pilot: Gauma displayed remarkable skill in piloting and operating Dynazenon as demonstrated from the fight against Shalbandes, able to momentarily keep up with the beast's assaults despite admitting it to be his first time and having the mecha's AI as the guidance, the same AI that allows him to fully understand how Dynazenon works.
  • Teaching Skills (Dynazenon piloting only): Gauma displayed great capability as a successful instructor at least when it comes about how to pilot Dynazenon and its components, since his co-pilots minus Yomogi who was torn between his struggle to be independent and newfound duty as Dynasoldier pilot have mastered their respective Dynazenon component under his tutelage in span of few days thus more than ready to face Greyjhom.


  • As confirmed in "What Wish Can't Come True?" and hinted through flashback scene in "Which Memories Do You Regret?", Gauma and the mummy in Denkou Choujin Gridman episode "The Dragon Legend" are the same person all along.
    • However, SSSS.DYNAZENON established that he was originally perished from the brutal fallout between him and his fellow Kaiju Eugenicists instead of being poisoned by the fearful parents of the Chinese princess he fell in love with. Assuming both to be the case instead of retcon, it can be inferred the attempted poisoning (which may or may not averted) was what provoked the fallout between the Chinese princess' parents and Kaiju Eugenicists to begin with.
  • With the revelation of Gauma turned against his fellow Kaiju Eugenicists out of his devotion toward the princess of Chinese Kingdom he fell in love with despite her nation conspired against the group out of fear of its capabilities, the violent fallout between him and his comrades and their subsequent conflict in modern-day could've been averted had Gauma more honest toward them. Had he did however, Gauma won't have the chance to improve the live of his future new friends and fellow Dynazenon pilots to the better. It seems thus as, given that Kaiju Eugenicists' desire for the world of Kaiju won't likely bode well to humanity and assuming the group's decision to turn against said princess' home nation being the retaliation of her parents' attempted poisoning on Gauma as established in Denkou Choujin Gridman, Gauma found himself having no alternatives at all.