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Gibzorg (ギブゾーグ, Gibuzōgu) is a kaiju in SSSS.DYNAZENON.


Gibzorg is a semi-humanoid kaiju with orange, green, and golden platings over gray body. It has almost humanoid skull-like head beneath a mask-like crest with sharp teeth and barbed lower jaw, retractable tower-like spikes through which it performs its reality-warping ability, wing-like protrusions on the shoulder, arms ended with four-digit claws and purple orb on the palm, and clawed feet. The tower and wings are connected through four wires.


Gibzorg's primary ability is a limited reality-warping power in which it can cause things under its influence dent and contort. The same power also allows it to cause wave-like ripples on the ground and creating sinkholes to bury targets within. Its other ability is projecting a destructive beam created through combining three purple energy plates each generated by its left arm, right arm, and face.