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Goldburn (ゴルドバーン, Gorudobān) is a unique kaiju that debuted in SSSS.DYNAZENON. It was originated from a strange pebble fueled by Chise Asukagawa's emotions thus loyal to the heart of its creator, while named from one of her posters. Alongside Dynazenon, it can combine with Gridknight to form Kaiser Gridknight.

After the final battle, Goldburn carried the function-ceased Dynazenon with the Gridknight Alliance to the Computer World as Chise bid it farewell.


As with other kaijus that later fell under Kaiju Eugenicists' control, Goldburn initially appeared as peculiar-looking pebble/pearl-like object before gradually manifesting roots about it which eventually forming the frame of its completed state where in this case, a gold and black wyvern-like creature with blue tail fins and red eyes. The peculiar circumstances surrounding its creation saw its appearance much more mechanical comparable to Dynasoldier or Dyna Rex instead of vaguely mechanical like Kaiju Eugenicists' kaijus.


Because it was born from Chise's feelings of left out coupled with the desire to fight alongside her friends and cousin Koyomi, Goldburn displayed a definite personality in form of unmistakable loyalty to Chise and willingness to protect her and her friends from harm, something she discovered when it nearly attacked the school she used to attend upon sensing it has something to do with her distress, much to her panic. Its unique ability such as combining with Dynazenon and Dynasoldier as well as transforming into a huge shield reflects its creator's aforementioned desire.



  • Sizeshift Beam: Goldburn's special ability in form of emitting a golden beam from its mouth that alters matter of its targets, whether shrink or grow, but corresponds to its creator's heart.
  • Shield Mode: Goldburn's shield mode where it transforms into a giant defensive shield.
  • Barrier: Creates a spherical barrier to encase targets. In addition of protecting them from influence of a Kaiju's supernatural influence, the barrier can also be used to levitate anything encapsulated within.


  • It follows the rare category of mecha with full gold plated appearance following Gold Lightan from Golden Warrior Gold Lightan and Goldran from The Golden Brave Goldran.
  • Goldburn is similar to Anti in regards of being originally intended to be a Kaiju only to become something else (Anti evolves into a Gridmen-like being while Goldburn Assist Weapon-esque draconic robot).