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Gonglee (ゴングリー, Gongurī) is one of the kaiju in SSSS.GRIDMAN. It is the fourth kaiju created by Akane, which she sent to kill the group Arcadia.


Gonglee is a bizzare kaiju. While it appears vaguely reptilian with short legs and upright stance similar to traditional kaiju such as Godzilla, it actually is a short creature with two heads: A fake head on a thick broad neck situated on top of its actual torso with a pair of retractable green tentacles on the side that gives off impression of a torso, and the true head on the apparent groin area having rows of sharp teeth. The fake head also has what appears to be a large orb which may serve as its eyes.


Designed as a silent assassin, Gonglee can generate thick mist that makes it impervious to detection. It has the ability to produce tentacles on both side of its body to grab things as well as for use in combat.


Akane sculpted Gonglee, and had Alexis turn it into a living Kaiju. She created it to kill a group of teenagers who are Internet content-streamers under the name Arcadia. To avoid Gridman's interference, she designed it with the ability to conceal its presence by emitting thick fog. It assassinated three of the boys without the Hyper Agents discovering its presence. Even so, Rikka became concerned when she realized that reality had been altered, and only one Arcadia member existed anymore. That prompted her to warn the last remaining member.

When Rikka met with the last member of Arcadia, they were attacked by Gonglee, and only survived thanks to Samurai・Calibur's timely arrival. Samurai Calibur then alerted the rest of the Neon Genesis Junior High Students. Gridman soon engaged Gonglee, but also had to deal with Anti's interference. To make matters worse, when Max and his fellow NGJHS entered the battle in their Assist Weapon forms, the sortie proved too much for the computer Junk, and it hanged. Rikka gave the Junk a hard reboot. Returning to the fight, Gridman disoriented Anti then destroyed Gonglee with Max Gridman's Super Lightning Kick.