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Gridman Universe are the collective anime works revolving the titular Hyper Agent and his allies' adventures and battles after Gridman the Hyper Agent.

As the franchise progressed and expanded, new works were created that took inspiration from the original and made it something new.


Though initially appeared as spin-off to Gridman the Hyper Agent, SSSS.GRIDMAN was eventually clarified as the sequel to the former. After defeating Khan Digifer with assistance of Naoto Sho, Yuka Inoue, and Ippei Baba as well as releasing his hold over Takeshi Todo and stopping the threat of Neo Khan Digifer, Gridman soon faces another threat in form of Alexis・Kerib only to be defeated and had his very being splintered into six fragments; the master fragment that resided within Tsutsudjidai's recreation of Junk, four fragments that became a group of Repli-Compoid-spawned Hyper Agents called Neon Genesis Junior High Students, and final one that possessed his second host and partner Yuta Hibiki. It doesn't take long for Gridman to finally reunite with bearers of his fragments to combat the evil interdimensional being of unknown origin who, like Khan Digifer before him, has taken a pawn in form of Akane Shinjo to create more Kaiju to wreak havoc upon Computer World and the rest of the world.


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