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Denkou Choujin Gridman (電光超人グリッドマン, Denkō Chōjin Guriddoman), also known as Gridman The Hyper Agent or simply Gridman, is a 1993-1994 Live-Action television series created and produced by Tsuburaya Productions.


Three computer-savvy kids, Naoto Sho, Yuka Inoue and Ippei Baba create their own videogame superhero, but then discover it's possessed by an inter-dimensional police officer Gridman. Pursuing an evil program called Khan Digifer, Gridman merges with Naoto and fights Khan Digifer's digitized monsters created by social misfit Takeshi Todo in the Computer World,  in order to prevent the computerized demon from wreaking havoc on the city of Sakuragaoka and the entire Human World.

Cast & Characters

  • Masaya Obi as Naoto Sho
  • Jun Hattori as Yuka Inoue
  • Takeshi Sudo as Ippei Baba
  • Hikaru Midorikawa as Gridman
  • Junko Shimakata as Junk
  • Tsuyoshi Sugawara as Takeshi Todo
  • Masaharu Sato as Khan Digifer
  • Masahiro Iwaoka as Daichi Sho
  • Kanako Nakatake as Kana Baba
  • Edo Yamaguchi as Soichiro Sho
  • Miru Hitotsuyanagi as Michiko Sho
  • Daisuke Ban (Naoya Ban) as Hideyo Inoue
  • Yumi Mitani as Yoshie Inoue
  • Masakazu Arai as Yoshihito Inoue
  • Goro Kataoka as Hiroshi Baba
  • Yuko Tsuga as Ayako Baba
  • Shoichi Komatsu as Police Officer Koganemura
  • Daisuke Itsumori as Police Officer Amagasaki
  • Yuji Machi as Narrator


  1. The Birth of A New Hero
  2. The Secrets of Acceptor
  3. Imminent Telephone Panic
  4. A Runaway Car
  5. The Perfect Sword With A Man's Pride
  6. A Terror Melody
  7. Zero Second to Microwave Oven Explosion
  8. Brother's Bond
  9. Operation Evil Brainwashing
  10. The Dangerous Gift
  11. Is My Allowance ¥100,000?
  12. Beware of The Phantom Thief Marty
  13. I Hate Sports
  14. Manipulated Time
  15. The Distorted Target
  16. Ippei is Scared!?
  17. A Lonely Hacker
  18. The Legend of Dragon
  19. A Sexy Police Woman in Trouble
  20. Colors Disappear From the Planet of Earth
  21. Execution! The Dream Hero
  22. Revival! Dinosaur King
  23. An Assassination! A Thunderclap In Hell
  24. My Love! Bio-Flower
  25. The Decisive Battle! The End of the Hero (Part 1)
  26. The Decisive Battle! The End of the Hero (Part 2)
  27. Big Surprise! A Toy Rebellion
  28. Yuka Vanished!!
  29. A Pet Dog Bomb Operation
  30. The Day of The World Destruction
  31. The Monster's Mother Is A College Girl
  32. Attack of A Human Vacuum Cleaner
  33. Another Takeshi
  34. A Body Guard
  35. Yuka becomes delinquent
  36. A Baby Given A Birth
  37. What? Is Daddy Executed?
  38. The Earth in Danger
  39. Goodbye Gridman


Gridman the Hyper Agent: The Demon King's Counterattack

A series of photo novels regarding scrapped series and sequel ideas from Shogakukan Televi-Kun, running from May to November 1994.

Gridman the Hyper Agent: boys invent great hero

An animated short film, directed by Akira Amemiya and produced by Studio Trigger, was released in 2015 for the Japan Animator Expo.


Opening Theme

「Yume no Hero」 by Akira Otsu

Ending Theme

「Motto Kimi o Shireba」 by Akira Otsu

Insert Song

「Futatsu no Yūki」 by Compoid Three