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Monsters (怪獣, Kaiju, lit. Strange Beast) are the staple antagonists of Gridman franchise.


In both Gridman the Hyper Agent and Gridman Universe, Kaiju serve as primary threat that Gridman and other heroes must face, be it in real world or Computer World.

Denkou Choujin Gridman

In Denkou Choujin Gridman, the kaiju were created by human accomplice, Takeshi Todo and animated by mastermind, Khan Digifer to do their biddings, more than often acting on the former's petty grudges to the catastrophic extremes that Kahn Digifer intends to have an effect on the human world. The chaos they caused obviously not limited to hack and/or destroy entire city's computer systems, as some cases show them causing affected system to execute functions that normally impossible in normal circumstances, such as creating a dimensional rift or turning a microwave into a bomb which supposedly strong enough to level entire apartment.

Superhuman Samurai Syber-Squad

In Superhuman Samurai Syber-Squad, the Mega-Virus Monsters are menacing collaborations between Malcolm Frink and Kilokahn. Like the JP counterpart, they are created to topple human civilization and ruining Sam Collins's life by hacking electronics through Computer World, only for Sam to become Servo's host and combat their threat.


The kaiju are project creations by Alexis・Kerib and Akane Shinjo with the same obedience nature towards its creators. According to Gridman and Anosillus the 2nd, they are soulless entities mirroring their creator's purpose into killing those Akane dislikes, all while causing destruction in their path.

Other than Akane's creations, there are independent kaiju who don't associate to either side such as Anosillus the 2nd, her parent/prepredecessor, and later Anti.

Anti was more sentiment due to his undeniable human-like qualities and his desire to defeat Gridman. After he evolved into Gridknight, Anti becomes more empathetic event towards his kin as he sensed nothing in the erratic Nanashi except Akane's negative feelings from her creative breakdown and depression during sculpting its model. Akane sculpted a handful of Nanashi prior to Ghoulghilas (not counting her Venoras through which she manages all systems in Tsutsujidai),[1] yet he didn't summon them back to combat Anti and Gridman,[2] arguably due to ill-suited to combat them.


The Kaiju featured in SSSS.DYNAZENON originated from the Kaiju Seeds discreetly spread by the Kaiju Eugenicists all over a human populate they chose to begin their attacks at. It grew by siphoning on emotions generated by random people within the source' proximity to the point of strong enough to be used for their destructive quest, particularly the feeling of dissatisfaction with one's life. This in turn, created the Kaiju with different forms and abilities that defying the very logic itself. For the same reason, a Kaiju User who established a connection with such Kaiju can return to life as it did to Kaiju Eugenicists and Gauma 5,000 years after their original deaths. Through Gauma, this also apply to a kaiju user who had severed their connection with Kaiju, though that resulted their resurrection only temporary as it would be a matter of time before their bodies dying from necrosis. Conversely, Kaiju User who casted away their humanity in favor of attuning with Kaiju at its fullest gain unique powers beyond merely controlling Kaiju such as creating one's very own Kaiju form through merging with a Kaiju Seed, no longer bound to physical needs like ordinary living beings such as eating or sleeping (but still killable), and sensing the will of Kaiju as demonstrated by Sizumu.

Kaiju Eugenicists' aforementioned method in creating the Kaiju proved not always effective due to the end result at times being either defects such as Zaiohn or developed into something else entirely in accordance of the emotions a certain individual it feed on most. The latter case could be seen on Goldburn, who can combine with Gridknight and Dynazenon to form Kaiser Gridknight as the result of born not only from Chise's loneliness from being left out, but also the desire to help her friends in any way she can and therefore loyal to her and her friends alone.

List of Kaijus/Mega-Viruses

Denkou Choujin Gridman (JP) Superhuman Samurai Syber-Squad (US)
Gilarus Krono
Bamora Sybo
Volcadon Kathod
Bagira Hock
Anosillus Manfu (good)
Blizzalar Gramm
Terragaia Nixtor
Magnegauss Kord
Imitation Anosillus Manfu (evil)
Dazzlba Nightmare Virus
Plandon Thorned Virus
Jubagon Unnamed Virus #1
Teleboze Sydney's Virus
Gyurunba Sucker Virus
Chidogerah Skeleton Virus
Abumaru Blink
Goromaking Rock n' Roll Virus
Devil Phazer Stupid Virus
Khan Giorgio
Skubone Smog Virus


Akane and Alexis Other
Venora (Akane ver.) Diriver (by Anti)
Anosillus II (independent)
Devadadan Anosillus (independent)
Zegga (Akane's kaiju form)


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  • Like all various Japanese fictions, the monsters appear as a staple of primary antagonists in various tokusatsu franchise.
  • Curiously, the localization of the term Kaiju into Mega-Virus in Superhuman Samurai Syber-Squad was rather fitting as in both series and its source material proper, Gridman the Hyper Agent, Kaiju/Mega-Virus Monsters act as computer virus, wreaking havoc upon computer systems within targeted electronics, reprogramming it under behalf of their creators.
  • So far none of the featured Kaiju being organic life, as they are created as either computer virus (Takeshi Todo and Malcolm Frink's Kaiju), maintenance system of a simulated city Akane Shinjo's Kaiju), or sentient weapon of mass-destruction with possible supernatural roots (Kaiju Eugenicists's Kaiju).