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Malcolm Frink is a teenage artist and computer programmer. He lives with his family in their apartment complex. He attends the same high school as Sam Collins, and rivals him for the affections of Jennifer Doyle. Unknown to Malcolm, Sam is actually the human host of Servo. To ruin the personal lives of Sam and Team Samurai, Malcolm teams up with the evil Kilokahn to send Megavirus Monsters to the Digital World.


In contrast to Takeshi who evidently an unlucky individual and is an introvert, Malcolm is a withdrawn and antisocial bully who doesn't mind being alone, taking enjoyment out of hurting other people with his computer viruses which he creates and Kilokahn brings to life. Even so, he still has standards and not completely heartless where he outright appalled when Kilokahn trying to use a virus to activate America's nuclear arsenal to start World War III. He also touched by Sydney's apology and in "Kilokahn is Coming to Town", he finally realized that his selfish nature nearly cost Sam his life.

While Malcolm's relationships with Kilokahn is uneasy at best, Malcolm allied with Kilokahn in his own volition most of the time as long as their goals are aligned. However, it's implied that the two are actually using each other as pawns for their own ends, as in spite of Kilokahn's abuse on him, Malcolm purposely restored Kilokahn to his sociopathic self after he is temporarily rendered harmless so he still useful for him.



  • Kilokahn: The only being who Malcolm finds companionship in while shutting himself off from the rest of human society, even in high school. In spite of Kilokahn regularly betraying him while lacking any other 'friends', Malcolm always comes back to him. He even purposely restores Kilokahn to his sociopathic self after he is temporarily rendered harmless.
  • Sam Collins: Malcolm's archrival in high school as they compete for their affections with Jennifer Doyle. But in Syberspace, Malcom considers Sam archenemy despite not realizing that Sam is Servo. Despite the boys being unbeknownst to each other's identity, Sam tries to reach out to Malcolm, but Malcolm rejects his offers of friendship stating that he likes being alone.
  • Tanker: Has a very strong dislike.