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Mujina (ムジナ, Mujina) is a character in SSSS.DYNAZENON. She a member of Kaiju Eugenicists.



Mujina is a stoic woman who, by her own admission, has no goal in life she's working towards, a stance emphasized in her discussions with her fellow Kaiju Eugenicists where she says she'll do whatever they decide on. The lack of motivation for a worthwhile goal is something she shares with Koyomi as discovered through their amicable conversation together leading to her briefly considered to live a better life than the one she currently has. However, while Koyomi eventually grows out of such habit and even moves on with his own life, Mujina wasted the opportunity to do the same through stealing his Dynastriker, leading the hurt Koyomi to join forces with Gauma to reclaim it thus allowing the latter to nearly crush her and her comrades with the Dynazenon component. This, coupled with her inability to see her own fault in such mess and both envy and misplaced hatred towards the Dynastriker pilot, resulted her becoming as ruthless as her comrades to a fault, a change that surprised even the already ruthless Onija.

The further irony of her character is that she did find something enjoyable as much as fighting as a Kaiju Eugenicist such as hanging out at a water park, going to a game center, drinking at soda joint, and watching movies with the others.


  • Instance Domination: TBA