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Neophobia (ネオフォビア, Neophobia) is one of the kaiju in SSSS.DYNAZENON deployed by Kaiju Eugenicists.


By Onija's admission, Neophobia is a pretty much bizarre kaiju, resembling a turquoise jellyfish with six segmented tentacles and a pair of stubby legs to walk around. A pair of lime green antennae not unlike Burnaddon's own protrude on top of its body like horns. Neophobia's body is also adorned with 6 irregularly arranged red spots on its front seemingly acting as eyes and white solar system-themed patterns. The entirety of its underside and legs are black and adorned with electric yellow grid pattern all over them. Lastly, its underside has a jagged maw which barely visible until the monster open it both to chomp enemies with and inflict psychological effect upon them (Dynazenon pilots are caught off-guard when Neophobia reveals its mouth to attack them).


Neophobia is a rather bizarre adversary which primary ability being releasing energy waves that can deflate things upon contact like balloon, which it can perform defensively such as disarming Dynadiver's Burst Missiles. It does however, possess actual combat abilities such as firing guided green lasers from the space between its antenna and crawl upside-down with its six tentacles with its jagged mouth exposed to bite through foes, latter that it can perform as surprise attack since foes are least expecting the beast's bizarre fighting stance.