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Rikka Takarada (宝多六花, Takarada Rikka) is one of the main characters in SSSS.GRIDMAN and a member of the Gridman Alliance.


She has long glossy black hair, some of which goes over her shoulders and curls. It leaves her ears mostly visible, some hair tucked behind them, and she has bangs that go just above her eyes. Her eyes are mostly blue, but they have tints of pink in the bottom.

She has a white collared shirt with a red bow. Over it, she has a long white sweater that buttons below the bow. On its top left side, it has a slightly hexagonal badge. She has two pockets, which both have two black stripes on the top. Her sleeves are baggy and the ends also have two black stripes on them. The sweater's buttons are yellow, and the top three are buttoned, while the bottom two are left undone in order to show her black skirt underneath. Her skirt is much shorter than the length of the sweater. On her right wrist, she wears an orange scrunchy, which she used to tie up her hair in one episode. Her shoes are brown and she wears dark pink medium length socks.

When she went to the field trip in the mountains, she wore a white bikini with blue stripes, a black bikini bottom, and she tied her hair up using the orange scrunchy she normally wears on her arm.


Rikka is a friendly person, helping Yuta with his amnesia. She cares deeply for her friends. She is an empathetic person, as evidenced by her sadness at the deaths of Tonkawa and the others, despite not being friends with them. Rikka also offers assistance to total strangers, asking Anti if he wanted an umbrella and some food when he was out in the rain.

She can be a little snarky at times, like with Sho's proposed name of the "Gridman Alliance." She often maintains a somewhat aloof demeanor when dealing with Yuta and Sho.

Despite this, she has a more carefree side, as she skips school on a whim, without bothering to contact the school or even her friends.[2]

As a Repli-Compoid designed to be Akane's closest friend, Rikka initially opposed the idea of turning against her, even after it came to light that Akane was behind Kaiju attacks. In fact, she had a fallout with Sho over the best way to deal with both Akane and Alexis Kerib shortly after her said-best friend openly threatened to send Mecha Ghoulghilas to ruin the Culture Festival, so much that the fearful Yuta worried that Rikka intended to desert Gridman Alliance at that very point. Fortunately, that proved not to be the case since she had come into terms with her nature and rejoined the group in a bid to redeem Akane, something she eventually succeeded in the end.

Powers and Abilities

Repli-Compoid Physiology: Rikka is a Repli-Compoid, human-like beings Akane created with use of her Venoras with her real self as the template with few improvements in appearance that made her much more beautiful.

  • Mediumship: Thanks to her contact with Gridman and has the latter's Junk optimized by Samurai Calibur, Rikka has since freed from his programming thus gained the ability to perceive the presence of Akane's concealed Venoras despite of her designed them so they cannot be seen by ordinary Repli-Compoids.


  • Her design references Shattered Glass Megatron with her color scheme and accessories.
  • Her phone number is 030-3602-3030, as seen when Yuta considers contacting her in the third episode.
  • Being a repli-compoid originally programmed to be Akane's closest friend, Rikka's overall appearance is not surprisingly based on Akane's real-self albeit significantly more attractive.


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