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SSSS.DYNAZENON (ダイナゼノン, Dainazenon) is a 2021 animated series that is the second installment is the "GRIDMAN UNIVERSE" project produced by Tsuburaya Productions in collaboration with Studio Trigger. The series aired from April 2 to June 18, 2021.[1]


One day on his way home, a first-year student of Fujiyokidai High School named Yomogi Asanaka meets a mysterious man named Gauma who claims to be a "Kaiju User". Suddenly, a Kaiju and a giant robot, Dynazenon, appear! Yume Minami, Koyomi Yamanaka, and Chise Asukagawa also happen to be passing by, and together with Yomogi they are caught up in a battle with the Kaiju.[2]

Cast & Characters


  1. What is a Kaiju User?
  2. What's Your Reason for Fighting?
  3. What is a Traitor?
  4. What Is This Thumping Heart?
  5. What's Lover-Like Mean?
  6. What Is This Pain?
  7. What's Our Reason for Coming Together?
  8. What Is This Wavering Emotion?
  9. What Are These Overlapping Emotions?
  10. Which Memories Do You Regret?
  11. What Wish Can't Come True?
  12. What Was I Entrusted With?


Voice Drama

Each episode is followed up with an original Voice Drama which was uploaded to Pony Canyon's channel.


The musical score was composed by Shiro Sagisu.

Opening Theme

「Imperfect」 by Masayoshi Ōishi

Ending Theme

「Strobe Memory」 by Maaya Uchida


  • Director: Akira Amemiya
  • Screenplay: Keiichi Hasegawa
  • Music: Shiro Sagisu
  • Character Designer: Masaru Sakamoto




  • This is the second animated installment of the "Gridman Universe".
  • The title's etymology is in conjunction with the names "Dyna" from Dyna Dragon and "Zenon" from "God Zenon", the two assist mecha from the original Gridman series.
    • The series' tagline, "Scarred Souls Shine like Stars", alludes inversion of the portrayal of emotionally troubled teens in both Original Series and Gridman Universe that normally assume antagonistic role as the pawn of major threats. Here, they are protagonists who are chosen to combat Kaiju where their fights saw them gradually finding closure over their issues and in lesser extent, as a form of coping mechanism.
  • Many places in the city where Yomogi and co. lives, Fujiyokidai, bears some similarities with Tsutsudjidai from the previous series, which no surprise considering some shots in the show being recycled from ones in SSSS.Gridman.

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