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"Let's Samuraize, guys!" (strums his guitar or presses on his wrist communicator)
Sam's Battle Call.

Samuel "Sam" Collins is the teenage leader of Team Samurai and the human host of the Servo program. He lives in the basement of his house, where he keeps his electric guitar and his computer. His best friends are Sydney Forrester, Amp Ere, and Tanker who is later replaced by Lucky London. Sam's family includes his mother, father, and little sister Elizabeth. Using his guitar or the Digital Communicator, Sam can transform into the superhero Servo to defeat the Megavirus Monsters sent by the evil Kilokahn.

Personality & Character

Sam is clever and easygoing, and always willing to help anyone in need or be their friend

Powers & Abilities


  • Jennifer Doyle: The school's cheerleading team captain and Sam's love interest, but their relationship keeps going on-and-off.
  • Elizabeth Collins: His little sister who he cares about while off-screen, but is often annoyed by her shenanigans.
  • Malcolm Frink: Unbeknownst to each other and identity, Sam and Malcolm are digital archenemies in Syberspace. But in the real world, Sam considers Malcolm a competition for Jennifer's affections and sometimes tries to reach out to him, but never returned the favor.


  • In the Power Boy series pitch, Sam's original character name was Zack Jason. And in some of the early previews of the show, Sam was described as a "computer genius", however those previews never showed Sam's actor Matthew Lawrence beside only the back of his head, and the "computer genius" part of his character was scraped.