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Venora (ベノラ, Benora) is a kaiju in Gridman the Hyper Agent created by Takeshi Todo.

Thirteen Venora are seen frozen in the distance beyond the outskirts of the simulated city of Tsutsudjidai secretly built by Akane Shinjo as its construction and maintenance system in SSSS.GRIDMAN

The action sequences with Venora were not made into an episode of Superhuman Samurai Syber-Squad, so there is no corresponding American name, but it has a cameo in Episode 29. 


The kaiju has large spines on its back, and porcupine-like spikes over its belly.  It has a number of nozzles on the front at the neck, and a set of larger nozzles on the lower back. It has a long tail which ends in a large spike.


Befitting its purpose to to hack a factory so as to further escalate the worsening air pollution, Takeshi's Venora was designed with following combat abilities;

  • Smoke Nozzles: Venora's main weapon is two pair of nozzles on the neck that can spray poisonous smoke that can not only weaken, but also induce hallucinations upon being inhaled. When Gridman was exposed to the smoke, the Hyper Agent hallucinates his previous kaiju battles.
  • Fireball Spit: Venora's other weapon is fireballs it spit from its mouth.

Designed to maintenance Tsutsudjidai, Akane's iteration of Verona are ill-fit to combat and served as the instrument through which she can manage the whole city she sees fit like a god (as Anosillus II put it), notably undoing the damage done from kaiju battles.

  • Gas Nozzles: Venora's neck nozzles can produce following gas:
    • Sleep Gas: Puts anyone to sleep when they travel outside of the city limits.
    • Memory Gas: To reset the memory of Tsutsudjidai inhabitants who witness Mega-Kaiju attacks which they might see from time to time as well as modifying memories pertaining those who killed by said attacks in them so they believed their victims died years prior, all taking effect on the next day as happened to the volleyball team and the group Arcadia.
  • Virtual Warping: Akane utilizes up to 13 of Veronas to digitally construct entire simulated city of Tsutsudjidai within Computer World as partial replica to the real world in her image which backed by their gas.
    • Reconstruction: With the same ability, Akane's Veronas can rebuild sections overnight if they were damaged by either her other kaiju and Hyper Agents, including modifying things pertaining those who killed by their attacks to back up their Memory Gas ability.
    • Invisibility: Inhabitants of Tsutsudjidai, human-like Repli-Compoids, cannot see Venora until freed from their programming via contact with Gridman and the other Hyper Agents.


  • The triangular head resembles Gomora from Ultraman