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Yuta Hibiki (響裕太, Hibiki Yūta) is the main protagonist of SSSS.GRIDMAN. He is an amnesiac high school student and the chosen human host of Gridman.


Yuta's hair is cinnabar red, with two horn-like parts sticking out from the sides. He has blue eyes. After awakening from the coma and using the Accepter to transform into Gridman the next time, his eyes become yellow like Gridman's. They remain yellow throughout the final episode.

He has a short-sleeved white shirt, a red tie underneath a dark gray sleeveless sweater with a red stripe on the neckline, and black pants. His shoes are rather unique, with black soles and jagged red and white shapes on the sides, with blue ovals that are positioned similar to eyes. They are not uniform shoes, but sneakers.

He also wears a red armband with two black stripes on either end. This armband conceals the Primal Acceptor, which is used to call Gridman forth.

During the School Festival he temporarily wore a female "sailor fuku" .


Though not fully expored due to possessed by one of Gridman's splintered fragments, Yuta is a good person who cares for his friends and the safety of his home city above all else, willing to take his calling as the Hyper Agent's host and partner seriously and prioritized it over his own safety just like his predecessor Naoto Sho regardless. This is true to Sho's description of him being normal but "not a bad guy". Even while rendered dormant by the Gridman fragment that possessed him, many of his personality traits, including his feelings for Rikka, flowed into said fragment to the point of it believed itself to be the true Yuta Hibiki until Akane revealed otherwise by stabbing him.

Powers and Abilities

Repli-Compoid Physiology: Unlike his predecessor Naoto Sho, Yuta is a Repli-Compoid, human-like beings Akane created with use of her Venoras.

  • Mediumship: Thanks to Gridman who chose him as his newest host and partner as well as unknowingly carrying one of the Hyper Agent's fragment inside him which led to said fragment possessed him and assumed his identity in the process, he's freed from his programming thus gained the ability to perceive the presence of Akane's concealed Venoras despite of her designed them so they cannot be seen by ordinary Repli-Compoids as well as seeing Gridman in his Junk. After his first battle, Yuta would passively shared this ability to his friends Sho and Rikka, though it took Samurai Calibur optimizing the Junk so the two can properly talk to his Hyper Agent partner.
  • Telepathic Link with Gridman (formerly): As the Hyper Agent's chosen host and partner, Yuta and Gridman shared a telepathic link which allows the former to mentally communicate with the latter, be it sending messages into the boy's mind or causing his left hand to generate electric shock. This trait was arguably further attributed by him housing one of Gridman's splintered fragments. After Gridman's departure, however, he may lose this ability.
  • Access Flash (formerly): Using Accepter and reciting the phrase while near the Junk, Yuta can merge with Gridman thus giving the Hyper Agent a corporeal form to fight Mega-Viruses with him in control and gained access to the latter's powers and abilities. The two can merge for at least 10 minutes in normal circumstances. Due to Junk's limited processing power, however, he and Gridman must reduced their combined form's height to give more space for all of Neon Genesis Junior High School's data so they can join him all at once without the risk of overheating its systems.


  • Prior before his union with Gridman, he already had a crush on Rikka.
  • Yuta pours his cereal first, and the milk second.
  • Yuta's design references Classics Cliffjumper, who jumps through dimensions. His shoes look similar to Cliffjumper's car mode, and his backpack looks like the "Wave Crusher" accessory. His hair is also a reference, with its red color and the two parts sticking out.
  • Yuta's English voice actor, Brandon McInnis, is engaged to fellow voice actor J. Michael Tatum, who voices the Homeroom Teacher and additional voice roles in the dub.