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Zegga (ゼッガー, Zeggā) is a kaiju created by Alexis・Kerib using Instance Abreaction on Akane Shinjo.


As Zegga, Akane displayed feral and out-of-control behavior. This is because her human self is trapped within the core of her Monster form, tormented by memories of those she killed with her creations.


As Zegga, Akane assumed a tentacled Monster form encased in crude, spherical gray shell that break into several parts, revealing two pair of small claws (rear pair on the side of the tail and front pair on the front of the body), two pairs of barbed, clawed tentacles on the sides of her body that protrudes forward, a long tail, and multi-eyed skull which jaws can split into six parts. It also has what appeared to be a large human face and a pair of skeletal hands inside its maw, with Akane's human body trapped within.


Upon turned into a Monster, Akane, as Zegga, gains numerous abilities. Because Zegga form was bestowed by Alexis Kerib against her will in order to lure Anti out, however, Akane cannot control it, and only provide moderate challenge to Gridknight. Should Akane is forcibly removed from her body within its core, Zegga will die, though its body only destroyed after struck by Gridman's Fixer Beam.

  • Durability: Akane's Monster form is encased in shells that resilient to damage.
  • Sonic Scream: As Zegga, Akane's scream possesses enough concussive force to uproot and demolished several buildings in its path on ease.
  • Electrical Blasts: At close range, Akane can unleash close-range bursts of electricity that strong enough to stagger Anti's Gridknight form.